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Career Fit

Living fully through work your treasure

Takes the guess work out. The guided process shows you how to gather the information you need to identify, clarify, and narrow down best self-fitting career options.

You get equipped with the tools you need: worksheets, guides, visuals, instructional videos, career assessments, and vetted online resources to utilize in the laid-out step by step process. 

To continue taking ownership of your career journey you will explore, clarify, determine, and develop your next steps action plan for pursuing your best fitting career option(s).

Living fully through work you treasure begins with identifying careers that fits or matches who your are. This coaching program will help you accomplish that.

The sessions are developed sequentially. It is you choice if you choose to jump around the sessions but I STRONGLY encourage you to work through the sessions in the sequence since they build up on each other.

The instructional videos provided additional insight and guidance for working through the worksheets for each session. You will want to write down your responses and not just think about them in your head.

It will require you to roll up your sleeves and set time aside to do the work. You are taking ownership to mold, influence and direct your career.

All the best ~ Catherine