Provides a laid out step by step process


Provides the tools and resources you need


Engages you holistically and with you

Get The Process and Tools You Need

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Catherine Nkonge, MEd, LPC, Career Coach

Recognize and acknowledge your career concern with clarity so you know what to focus and work on.

Reflect on your interests, abilities, values and purpose to determine and engage in work that fits who you are.

Re-strategize for the opportunities you identify with next steps action plan.

Success Stories

The closest to a one on one experience you’ll get.


“I found most helpful, Catherine’s ability to pull from my longings and hopes a concrete plan of how to achieve what it is that I may be good at, how that vocation may be aligned with my values and career goals, and what action steps were needed. The homework and guides she provided were immensely helpful. If you think that you’re stuck, or searching for something but don’t quite know what it is, Catherine is the perfect person to come alongside you in and meet you where you are.”


Catherine helped me to shed light on how I can direct my own career path. Her coaching has given me the tools and tips on how to stay on-course. Specifically, what I found most helpful about this process was session 4. The career assessments and accompanying work-sheets and resources in this session help me organize my self-fitting career results so I could objectively narrow down a list by logically weighing out the pros and cons.



“Catherine is very nice and empathetic to work with and will get you completely back on track with your career goals and make sure you have what you need to set yourself on the path of job searching. With her guidance I am back on track and prepared to network in my fields of interest. And, when it is time to apply for a job opening I will not only have the tools that I need to do so, but I will have the ability to identify if the position is a right fit for me so I do not waste my energy applying for the wrong job”.